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Introducing the Centauris! The Latest Super-Trio Out of Hollywood

Marvel, DC, Image, other companies, these are all successful comic book companies who pump out great material week after week. We here at DAPS Media Group LLC have decided that we should try our hand at comic books as well.

We put a lot of work into figuring out compelling superheroes that everyone could get behind. We also thought that we should draw inspiration from mythology to tie it all together. What did we come up with?

The Centauris!

uhhhh what?

The Centauris are three pop-culture icons named Tori from vastly different realms who joined forced when a meteor hit the earth and transformed them into Centaurs.

Read all about them!

Centauri Spelling (formerly Tori Spelling) is the leader of the group. Her business acumen, wealth, dazzling fashion sense give her the advantage over her enemies.

We here at DAPS chose her to bring in the majority of the female demographic. Women love Tori Spelling, and they’ll love her even more with four brawny horse legs!

We are aware that not every woman loves Tori Spelling. For those 15, we have our next Centauri…

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