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Judging Twin Peaks Based Only On Pictures from Tumblr

I have a confession to make, I’ve never watched the TV show Twin Peaks.

I know you’re yelling at your monitor right now, telling me to “stop being an asshole and just watch the wonderfulness that is Twin Peaks.” I felt the very same way about myself when I wasn’t watching Breaking Bad. I had no legitimate reason for not watching Breaking Bad, so I stopped being an asshole, watched it, and surprise: I loved it.

With Twin Peaks it’s a bit more complicated. An ex-girlfriend of mine was watching the show right before we broke up. So, every time someone mentions Twin Peaks instantly I say “fuck that noise”.

Am I cutting off my nose to spite my face?

Yes. Very much so.

So here’s today’s experiment. I picked out some Twin Peaks photos off of Tumblr and I’m going to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and attempt to reconstruct the plot of Twin Peaks using these images.

Editor’s Note: I, Carlo, Have seen the series multiple times and attended the annual Twin Peaks Fan Festval. I’m the most qualified person to correct Damian throughout this post.

OK, I know that Kyle MacLachlan plays the main character FBI Agent Dale Cooper, and judging by this photo he enjoys a fine cup of joe. He’ll even interrupt a suspect’s interview to exclaim how good his cup of coffee is.

The series takes place in the Pacific Northwest. Starbucks comes from Seattle. Seattle is in the Pacific Northwest, therefore Twin Peaks started the national coffee crazy we’re living through right now.

Editor’s note: He’s probably right about that.

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