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Fatal Farm’s Lasagna Cat Is Back! If You Don’t Know What That Means, Click and Learn Why It’s Amazing News!


Way back in the late aughts, when DAPS was just getting started, some of our OG editors were inspired by an online comedy collective called Fatal Farm (aka Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max.) The duo regularly posted hysterical mash-ups that turned classic television show intros on their heads in the darkest possible way.

The group had a pretty big online hit with their series Lasagna Cat, which recreated a classic Garfield comic strip as a live action video before taking it’s theme off the rails.

Below are some examples of classic Lasagna Cat to bring you up to speed:

You should get the idea, but you can see more here if need be.

This week, the Fatal Farm folks began teasing what appears to be the return of John, Garfield, Odie, and the whole crew. It’s been nine years, and the guys have been working in the big leagues (Adult Swim, Key & Peele, etc.) so the quality of the video has jumped significantly.

Just like the originals, the teaser video is fucking weird and silly and amazing.

Check it out:

I’m pretty excited. Bring it, Fatal Farm.

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Subscribe to Fatal Farm on YouTube, here

h/t Splitsider

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