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Look at 10 Cats with Mustaches

Mustaches, in the right circles, are pretty much the coolest thing you can have. I mean, they really impress most people, especially a well kept mustache. Those are like super cool.

When most people think about having a mustache, they are intimidated. First they realize that it takes serious dedication to grow the darn thing in the first place. It’s not like a sweet ‘stache grows overnight. Even those who end up growing enough hair to even consider start to second-guess their choice when they realize how much effort it takes to maintain it. This is why only the coolest of cool people have mustaches.

Cats, as animals go, are pretty up on what’s cool. In fact, they are pretty much the coolest animals to exist. Ever wonder why they call cool people “hep cats”, well wonder know more.

It just makes sense that cats would grow, and maintain sweet mustaches, don’t you think? Well, why don’t we ever see any? Well, that’s because cats, while very cool, aren’t really into “trying hard” which, as we know, is kind of required to have a cool mustache. These cats, however, are willing to put in the time and effort to maintain their ‘staches.

Remember, people with really great mustaches are trying very hard.

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