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We Made Ecto Cooler Cocktails (That You Definitely Shouldn’t Sneak Into The Movie Theater)

Ecto Cooler Cocktail Recipes

For the release of the Ghostbusters Reboot, we decided to celebrate by making some cocktails with the Ecto Cooler flavor Hi-C. Ecto was re-released this summer to coincide with the release of the Movie. Yes, we’ve been calling it Ecto, it’s way more fun that way.

Anyway, here are the recipes for six different Ecto Cooler adult beverages that you would never think of sneaking into a movie theater.

The Childhood Ruiner (Long Island Ec-Tea)

-Add ice to shaker
-Add 1 oz vodka
-Add 1 oz gin
-Add 1 oz rum
-Add 1 oz tequila
-Add 1 oz triple sec
-Add 1 oz sour mix
-Add 1 oz midori
-Add 2 oz Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Shake it all up
-Add ice to glass
-Pour over ice
-Garnish, drink, and enjoy!


The Cosmo Cooler

-Add ice to shaker
-Add ½ oz fresh lime juice
-Add ½ oz triple sec
-Add 1½ oz vodka citron
-Add 1 oz Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Shake it all up
-Pour, garnish, and enjoy!


Tequila Slimerise

-Pour 1 drop into ½ oz of grenadine and mix until color is black throughout
-Add Grenadine to glass and top with ice
-Pour following ingredients over an upside down spoon
-Add 1½ oz tequila
-Add 3 oz Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Drink and enjoy!


Ecto Rita

-Pour Ice into blender
-Add 4 oz tequila
-Add 2 oz triple sec
-Add 12 fluid ounces Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Salt your rims
-Pour and enjoy!


-Add ice to shaker
-Add 1½ oz midori
-Add 1½ oz vodka
-Add 1½ oz Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Shake or stir it, whatever your preference
-Drink and enjoy!

The Proton Paiquiri

-Add ice to shaker
-Add 4 oz rum
-Add 1 oz fresh limejuice
-Add ½ oz simple syrup
-Add 1½ oz Hi-C Ecto Cooler
-Shake it all up
-Pour, garnish, and enjoy!


Photos by David Giordano


If you make them, let us know which was your favorite!


“Ecto Cocktails” credits

Produced and Edited by Chris Knight, Directed by Christopher Olivieri, Director of Photography Tavis Delahunt, Sill Photography by David Giordano, Associate Producers Julianne Neely & Sam DePaola. Special thanks to Tony, Sean, and Jess at Parker’s Sports Bar for providing materials, teaching Chris how to tend bar, and making this possible! You can find their menu, here

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