Meet Rock Bob, Learn From His Sad Billy Joel Mop-Dance

There are a lot of videos out there whose chief aim is to make people okay with the mundane bullshit that comes at us in everyday life. Today, YouTube introduced the internet to Rock Bob, a school janitor who’s got a message that he’d like to share.

“It is what it is, blue eyes” whatever that means. Watch Dob as he mop-dances through his work, to Billy Joel’s classic “Vienna


Yeah, it’s nice that Bob is doing his job and not being a whiny bitch about it. But, the idea of “life sucks, but we should do what we need to do in order to enjoy it” is really shitty. Yes, if you end up in a terrible situation and have no other options, then sure, dance while you’re mopping. But, the amount of people with literally nowhere to go but dancing on the school gymnasium is surely limited to Bob and a few of his contemporaries.

I think we tell ourselves that we’re out of options, but that’s usually people giving up. That’s people predicting the future in a way that they’re most likely wrong about.

I don’t know much about this guy, but I truly hope that dancing with his mop isn’t his only outlet. I hope he’s writing a book, or helping children who have no fathers, or building insane kites, or something. See, that’s the message that should be getting sent to people. Not “life sucks but make the best of it by dancing at your shit job”, it’s “yeah, do the shit job and then go home after your 8 hours and do something that makes you happy or allows you to contribute to the world.”

My guess is Bob doesn’t do that, most people don’t. He’s probably headed home for a beer and his couch. I’d love it if he was a master kite-builder. But that’s my fantasy. I wish the world had more kite-building Bobs. It’d be a much nicer place like that.

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