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Men’s Health and Rogaine Are Teaching 5 Gentlemen To “Grow Their Game”

When they say “game” they’re referring to the game of life and the game of attracting the ladies ::sexy wink::. So, growing game means enhancing all areas of their life. Obviously, because Rogaine is involved here, they’re highlighting men who have thinning hair.

The dudes, with Apprentice alum Bill Rancic, and 4 expert coaches in their corner, will be doing everything it takes to have the most well-rounded game possible. They’ll up their style, their fitness, and their use of Rogaine Foam.

You can follow the guys on their journey with barbershop check-ins, like the one shown above, on Rogaine’s YouTube channel and

Rogaine has also launched a style & grooming sweepstakes that invites men to enter to win a custom style and grooming package that includes the following prizes:

  • A Classic TUMI Leather Bag
  • A $500 Gift Card
  • A Men’s Health Grooming Awards gift back, jam-packed with the lasted grooming products

That’s a lot of prizes. Want em? Enter here.

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