Method Man’s “The Meth Lab” Shows Off His Staten Island Pride

“The Meth Lab” Is Method Man’s Love Letter To Staten Island

Staten Island isn’t known for very many things. We’ve always had Fresh Kills, a now closed landfill that could supposedly be seen from outer space. More recently, we’ve had a run of nationally notable reality shows like Mob Wives and Jersey Shore highlighting our guido-american population. More than anything though, when someone mentions Staten Island, people think of the Wu Tang Clan. Being an integral part of the group’s success, Method Man has become something of a local legend, who walks around the borough like he’s not internationally famous.

When I worked at a movie theater here, I sold him tickets. I know people who have rang him up at the grocery store and local ice cream parlor. He’s got enough pride in his borough that it’s contagious. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Meth’s newest release, The Meth Lab, comes out of the gate heralding that it’s comprised of “Staten Island artists, made by Staten Island, in Staten Island”

I’ve had a somewhat unique perspective for the release. I’ve been freelancing as an online marketing consultant and web producer for Hanz On Music, the record label responsible for the creation of the album. The label itself was founded by Anthony “Hanz On” Messado and Ettore Mazzei, both Staten Islanders themselves. From the inception of the label, there’s been a heavy focus on putting Staten Island talent at the forefront, showing that great material can still come out of this borough. Method Man has been involved from the beginnings of the label, acting as a “presenting artist” for Hanz On’s Hannibal The Great LP, which was released in 2013.

The Meth Lab has been in the works for about two years now. It’s really interesting to see the mechanisms necessary for an indie label to create an album that’s going to have national appeal. Method Man’s last solo project was released in 2006, so the “mef heads” haven’t had much material from Mef in years. There’s a pressure that everyone seems aware of attached to every decision, but the focus of Hanz On, Mazzei, and the entire team never wavered.

There was talk about the album being called “The Meth Lab”, as a reference to Meth sharing a nickname with a certain controlled substance. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with the popular AMC series, Breaking Bad. In a meeting that had to do with marketing strategy, I introduced Hanz to the series which he quickly consumed. Now a fan of the show, Hanz began production on a track which eventually became “The Meth Lab,” the first single off the album.

When it was time to shoot the video for that track, Staten Island based production company Monstar Films was brought in to recreate the New Mexico drug kingpin feel on Staten Island. Locals might recognize the location as being right under the Bayonne Bridge. Once the album was completed, storied hip-hop outlet Tommy Boy Entertainment began to work their magic which brings the work of these Staten Islanders to the masses. That brings us to right now, August 21st 2015, the day that The Meth Lab was released to the public. Rumor is that it’s already sold out of some local outlets.

On behalf of everyone who even had a little part in getting it made, I think you guys should check it out.

“The Meth Lab” is available for purchase on iTunes, here.

Purchase the physical CD copy on Amazon, here.

Buy official merchandise (inc. Vinyls) & fan bundles, here.

You can find more info at Hanz On Music, and just because I like you so much, here’s another track from the album:

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