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Movie Scene + Perfect Song = AWESOME

Don’t you just LOVE it when moving picture and sound come together in perfect unison? I do… it’s magical. It’s sooo hard to describe. But when I’m watching a film and the perfect song gets played I get goose bumps / the chills / and mad boners. It takes a highly skilled individual, with a great eye and ear, to stitch together two entirely different mediums and create a whole new experience.

Please join me as I go through my favorites. Prepare yourself because you will be blown away by ALL of this.

Apocalypse Now – The End. I love the helicopter sounds juxtaposed between the actual helicopters and the ceiling fan with the slow-motion napalming of the jungle. I’m mesmerized. I know how fucked up Vietnam was just from this one scene.

GoodFellas – Layla. Scorsese is the master of using songs to enhance already interesting and beautiful scenes. Each element by itself is great but the music shoots it into outer space. (start at 2:41 into the video)

Easy Rider – Born to Be Wild. This is a great example of a song that seems like it was written just for this sequence. Nothing could portray Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as motherfucking counter culture bad asses than Born to Be Wild screaming out of the speakers. I fucking hate the rednecks that kill them in the end!

Royal Tenenbaums – Needle in the Hay. Wes Anderson is another director that superbly uses music to punctuate the emotional impact of his films. In this scene Luke Wilson is going to try to kill himself. I dare you not to be moved by this.

Also from Royal Tenenbaums – These Days. How can you not feel the love between these two characters??

Reservoir Dogs – Stuck in the Middle with You. Ah Tarantino. This song will forever be associated with torturing a cop and cutting off his ear. (Embedding disabled by request; asshole youtubers)

Dr. Strangelove – We’ll Meet Again. You couldn’t combine two more polar opposites themes if you tried. The great Stanley Kubrick takes the act of ending human civilization by Nuclear Holocaust and twists it with a light and upbeat song where ‘we’ll all meet again on some sunny day’. WOW.

That’s not all by Mr. Kubrick. Full Metal Jacket – Hello Vietnam. Nothing says you’re in ‘This Man’s Army‘ like a good old fashion head shaving and the song Hello Vietnam.

Slackers – I Saw the Sign. Now for some fun. I haven’t found a more perfect example of a character’s soul searching put to music and then that same music inspiring said character to change his ways. I highly recommend the flick too. It’s a fun time.

Vanilla Sky – Good Vibrations. TEECCH SUUUUUUUUUUPORT!!!!

And just because: Shaft.

Now the fun part. What did I miss? Enlighten me guys…..

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