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Movie Songs I Want New Found Glory to Cover

Back in 2000, power punk quintet New Found Glory released an EP called “From the Screen to your Stereo” consisting solely of cover songs featured prominently in popular movies. That (In my humble opinion) classic release featured such awesome covers as “Goonies Are Good Enough” from the Goonies and “The Glory of Love” from some other movie that i can’t remember! In 2007 they released a full length follow up called “From the Screen to Your Stereo Part II.” That installment featured songs like “King of Wishful Thinking” and “Stay” which is actually a duet with Lisa Loeb, HOT. Heading into 2009, NFG is recording their seventh full-length of original tracks, but I’m itching for more movie covers.

To help ease the process along I’ve decided to make a few suggestions.

Let’s start with the obvious one (Well, obvious to my friend Elyse who pointed it out to me lol)

Scotty Doesn’t Know – Eurotrip

Yeah, I know. It’s already a punk song, and there’s not much NFG could do with it. Except perform it better than Lustra. By the way, Lustra has this song on their album “Left For Dead”, which is good news for them being all of the rest of the tracks on the album suck donkey dick.

Sugar High – Empire Records

This is from a time when Rene Zellweger was still really hot. Maybe it’s because she was 26 years old. Maybe it’s that crazy short skirt, either way that sex scene with Rex Manning taught me much about being a man. Thanks Rexy, you so sexy!

Degenerated – Airheads

You know, I think this is really Brendan Frasier singing here. And i don’t particularly feel the need to jam pencils in my ears or do the Van Gough thing and cut them off entirely. This song is catchy, and who doesn’t want to see Steve Buschemi hump a guitar?

We’re All Dudes – Good Burger

Less Than Jake (A personal favorite of mine) must have been really hurting/high when they we’re approached about this one. Then again this song speaks to me, and they must have known Kel Mitchell would be a good contact to have. If that’s the case, they were right with Kel being all over SNL now. Wait. What?

Cuban Pete – The Mask

God I miss funny Jim Carrey. Yes Man better be funny or god help me…

Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing

and Unchained Melody – Ghost

These are on here either because I’m a little effeminate or secretly in love with Patrick Swayze.

Twist and Shout – Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

I don’t care what Paul McCartney thinks. This song is better with the horns in it. You heard that McCartney? Yeah… Back away slowly… That’s right… Punk

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – 10 Things I Hate About You

It’s even more fun if you imagine ol’ Heathy in his Dark Knight joker makeup while singing this. It really helps you ignore the fact that he’s singing to Julia Stiles who makes me want to vomit.

Thanks NFG, I’ll be waiting for my covers album in the mail.

PS. I CCd the entire internet on this one, if anyone remembers anything that I forgot just add the youtube video to the comments.

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