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OFFLINE DATING, Is A Short Film That Explores What It’s Like To Find A Date IRL

When UK Filmmaker, Samuel Abrams, learned that his friend Tom Greaves had become single, he decided to challenge his buddy to meet a lady offline. Then he made a film about this challenge, and aptly titled it “OFFLINE DATING”. The short, a documentary which is so well produced that it might cause you to question it’s authenticity, follows on the heels of Abrams’ “Connect” a BAFTA nominated short film which is also about making connections in a big world. So, this appears to be a subject close to the filmmaker’s heart.

In a world of apps like Tinder, OK Cupid, and Farmers Only, finding a date the old fashioned way — Meeting IRL, talking with faces, etc. — is going the way of the dodo. The shift has been so dramatic that at least one study has shown that bars, once a popular place to find your next best girl, have been doing less and less business. OFFLINE shows Tom as he approaches women on the street, and bluntly asks for a date. Now, there are probably some boundary issues that should be taken into consideration here, and Tom would be better off meeting someone through his social circle, but the point of it being difficult to meet potential dates IRL in the post-Tinder world is still an interesting one.

Abrams skills are also showcased in his “We Can Do More,” a film created for Great Ormond Street Hospital (below) and his commercial for the World Wildlife Foundation (below the hospital video). They’ve both got some beautiful cinematography, I recommend checking them out.

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