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Old Actors Revisiting The Famous Roles Of Their Youth: Volume 2

Back in August, Carlo told you guys about the time machine that we’ve got here at the DAPS office. He also explained how we used that awesome technology to take some of today’s iconic Hollywood figures, and transport them to the roles of their youth. You know, so we could see how those old farts would handle it.

Well, it’s really boring around here, and that was one of the more interesting things we’ve done this year, so we decided to do it again. This time we’ve kidnapped a group of 8 different actors, please don’t tell the authorities. 

Above you see Sean Connery taking another stab at his first James Bond film Dr. No, not surprisingly time has made him a much better baccarat player, too bad he’s acting.


Next we had Jeff Bridges transform himself back into Starman.  He was supposed to be an alien, but kept on quoting lines from The Big Lebowski. It seems he just can’t let go.


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