Opera Singer Turned Pop Act, Giselle, Takes on Cat Stevens’ “Wild World”

What happens when an opera singer embraces pop and covers a folk classic? Well, the result is Giselle’s sensual take on Cat Stevens’ “Wild World” (the video embedded above.) Earlier this year, we shared Giselle’s cover of The Black Keys’ “Fever,” which was released shortly after her voice being featured prominently on an episode of FX’s Louie.  Adam Tilzer, vocalist and guitar player for The Defectives (and former Avon Junkies front-man) was the producer of both tracks.

“My mother is a huge Cat Stevens fan so she exposed me to him my whole life. I thought there was a lot of room to do our own thing with the song,” explained Tilzer, when asked why they chose this particular song to cover.  “Obviously it’s a great song but doing a straight copy cover is a waste of time.  I thought slowing it down and making it very dark would be cool and her voice in that lower register can sound so sultry and sexy and sad it was perfect.”

What’s next for Giselle? An EP with original music has already been recorded, and is being mixed currently. It features music from members of Sweet Pro, the band featured on Louie, backing Giselle.

Learn more about Giselle’s transition from Oprea to Pop Star, here.

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