08 Feb 2017

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 40: “I’m Bouncing Around Here” [Guest: Jimmy Pardo]

Jimmy Pardo is a comedian and host of the popular ‘Never Not Funny’ podcast. For over seven years he was also the warm-up comic for ‘Conan.’ He’s also a regular guest on @Midnight.

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Tom Hardy's Bane Had a Myspace Too
10 Sep 2015

Tom Hardy’s MySpace Photos Are Funny, But BANE’S MYSPACE PHOTOS Are Insane

You merely adopted the top 8; Bane was born in it!

09 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Pizza Cake, A Batman House, The Secret Colbert Post-Credits Scene, Katy Perry, & More!

Links for a rainy day. It’s raining here, I don’t care what it’s doing wherever you are.

09 Sep 2015

The Most Impressive Drone Flying Skills You’ll See Today

What makes this video cool technically? Probably the proximity flying (cutting it close between things) and first person video (flying while using an on-drone camera to navigate).

08 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Netflix But No Chill, D4: The Mighty Ducks?, A Double Sided TV, & More

It turns out that everyone wants to Netflix, but nobody wants to chill.

07 Sep 2015

13 Disney Afternoon Theme Songs That Will Teleport You To The 90s

90s kids remember a lot of things, at least that’s what the internet tells me. Whether or not that’s true, one thing that I’d have to imagine that most 90s kids remember more fondly than most, is the Disney Afternoon, a block of original cartoons that ran from 1990 through 1997.

04 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: What is a ‘Sadcom’, A Deadlifting Power Ranger, TMNT vs. GnR, & More

Today’s links are early, but if you’re looking at this any time other than Friday afternoon, it’s all the same. Why do you even read this part of the link??

04 Sep 2015

The Most Important Superman Drone Video You’ll See Today

This morning, I spied a little link featuring drone footage from a DGI Phantom 3 with a Superman action figure strapped to it, set to John Williams’ classic Superman score.

03 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Game of Thones As Bob’s Burgers, Age of Ultron’s Gag Reel, A Taco Made of Chicken, & More

Click the link for the cats, stay for the pop-culture stuff that you care about more than you care about your family!

03 Sep 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Asks: Can You Spot The Americans Who Think Barack Obama Is a Muslim?

Earlier in the week, we were surprised to learn that, according to a recent poll, a surprising amount of Americans believe that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Apparently this belief stems from a series of chain e-mails.

pizza on
02 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Ecto-Cooler Beer, Angry Birds Movie Pics, Saving Ribs From The Fire, & More!

Yesterday’s links were lost in the summer of 2015, luckily there are new links today. Thank the lord for links.