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People-Watching For Money + Casey Jost = TLC’s Bet On Me

Casey Jost Bet on Me

Casey Jost is a frequent DAPS collaborator and if I’m being honest, the funniest dude on Staten Island. This Wednesday night, the Impractical Jokers writer will be taking another step on his road to super-stardom with the pilot episode of Bet on Me, a people watching game show airing on The Learning Channel (aka TLC.) You can catch the pilot episode this Wednesday, December 30th at 10pm.

So, what’s this Bet On Me about? Here’s a quick description that Casey threw us:

People watching: it’s America’s favorite pastime. On the subway with your friends, waiting for a flight at a crowded airport, or sitting with a date on a park bench – there are few things more entertaining than watching strangers going about their daily lives and creating elaborate backstories for them. Now, for the first time ever, people-watching is transformed into a game show where real people make judgments on the people around them based solely on watching them. What’s their situation or relationship? Where do they come from? Where are they going and what they will do next? And if the contestant is right, they win cash on the spot!

UPDATE: Here’s a trailer, which is like a description but with images and sound!

New game show hosted by Casey Jost where people watching can earn surprised contestants $$$! #BetOnMe premieres this Weds, Dec 30 at 10/9c

Posted by TLC on Monday, December 28, 2015

We asked Jost what his favorite part of shooting this interesting game show was. “I was so surprised at how invested people became when guessing the backstory of a complete stranger. It was fun to see. I hope people watching at home play along” he explained, adding “[I’ve] always loved talking to strangers. And interestingly enough when there are cameras and a microphone people are less afraid to talk to me, so it works out well.”

It’s pretty exciting, but it’s not just DAPS that’s excited. The premiere has already been written up by and tweeted about by the likes of Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost, who claims to be related to Casey, and Impractical Joker Brian Quinn, who does as well. Our 23andMe results have not yet been returned to confirm any familial relationships:

Bet on Me Premieres Wednesday December 30th on TLC at 10pm.

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