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Fun Facts About Jill Nicolini

There are only a few things I miss about New York, my friends (of course), Chinatown, and Jill Nicolini. Lovingly referred to as “New York’s Traffic Vixen.”

Before becoming the “Traffic Vixen”, she was a “model.” In 2001, she failed to become the live action model for Vampirella, but she had small parts in TV shows like Sex in the City  and Law & Order.

In 2002, Ms. Nicolini won the title of Miss Long Island, but had to give up her crown and be rendered ineligible to compete in the Miss New York pageant because people found out she posed for Playboy’s Fall 2001 College Girls Special Edition (naughty, naughty), and in 2003 she made it to the finals of the FOX reality show Married by America under the name Jill Marie Nicoline.

Here are some fun Facts:

  • It was rumored that she glued her ex-boyfriends penis to the side of his leg (all I know is he is or was a NHL player)
  • Dated Opie & Anthony Show’s  host Anthony Cumia. That relationship ended when she found out he was screwing a younger girl, and rumor has it, Jill stole the new chick’s stuff from Cumia’s Long Island Mansion, burned her clothes, and kept her laptop.

How could you not love a beautiful woman that oozes sexiness, AND is crazy unpredictable?

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*The opinions in this post are solely those of it’s author and not of Dog and Pony Show as a whole. Facts have not been checked, and may be inaccurate*

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