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POPSUGAR Had Humans Pose Like Famous Dogs, And It’s Fantastic

Sometimes, you walk away from interacting with another human being and think to yourself, “I wish this person were more like a dog!” I mean, dogs are loyal, they love you unconditionally, and if you’ve trained them correctly, will bring you a beer. The occasional bartender might bring you a beer, but that’s about where the similarities between dogs and human end. We think this is sad.

That’s why the above video by POPSUGAR is a complete godsend. Joanna Sloame and the other geniuses at POPSUGAR bridged the gap between stupid humans and dogs. How? By having humans pose like (insta)famous dogs for photos.

Brilliant, right? I know.

Now we just sit back and wait for POPSUGAR to turn the rest of the world into dogs. Godspeed, POPSUGAR, you’re doing dog’s god’s work.

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