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Pressed For Time? Watch The Indiana Jones & Back To The Future Trilogies In Under 3 Minutes

Supercuts. Why’d it have to be supercuts?

Apparently, with all of the snapchatting and whatsapping, some people just don’t have 6ish hours to watch classic movies. That’s what’s so great about the Indiana Jones recap above, and the Back To The Future recap below.

These videos are two of the most recent uploads from Burger Fiction, a YouTube channel run by a pair of Texan creatives named¬†Jonathan Britnell and Andy Schneider. If you’re not into the supercut thing, Burger Fiction is actually an incredibly diverse channel. Video in their collection range from comedy shorts about making the perfect eggs to extreme close up cat videos. Everything on the channel is beautifully shot and art-directed. Take a couple of minutes and check them out, you’ll be a believer in no time.

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