Procrastinate With Michelle Ciotta Talks About Mars, Macklemore, and uh, More…

Michelle Ciotta‘s new vlog series seems to have the same objective as DAPS, to feed you interesting stuff while helping you procrastinate. The series, called “Procrastinate With Me,” has Ciotta (also known as MichelleInSpace) run through a widely ranging series of topics. This first installment discusses everything from the discovery of water on Mars to Macklemore’s new music video.

Michelle is a video editor, director, and comedic performer. She was formerly an editor on the UCB Digital Sketch team, Pocketwatch, and was a member of comedy group, Johnny Velvet and the Moonbeams where she worked on the web series Ground Control.

Follow Michelle on Twitter, here.

Subscribe to her YouTube, here.

That Macklemore video is pretty nuts btw, you really should check it out:

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