SciShow’s Hank Green Knows Why That Word Is Stuck On The Tip Of Your Tongue

Have you ever had a word stuck on the tip-top of your tongue that wouldn’t just go out into the world and more importantly into the ears of those politely waiting for you to say whatever it is that you’re trying to say. Well, there’s a reason for that. Today, SciShow’s Hank Green explained it to us. Apparently we have nodes in our head that do more than think about pizza. Who knew? Well, apparently Hank Green and or the writers of Sci Show. They’re very smart.

SciShow provides short clips that succinctly explain scientific ideas in a way that doesn’t activate our internet-ADD. It’s a service that I highly appreciate. I’d almost call it… um, hold on a sec, I know the word, uh, don’t tell me what it is…, um, uhhhhh, just wait a minute for me I know this… NOID!

Wait. That’s not it either. Fuck it. I want pizza now.

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