Source: Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, and Curtis Granderson To Be Suspended

Earlier this afternoon, DAPS’ sports beat writer, Joe Ball, tweeted the following:

He’s unable to disclose his sources, but Joe’s been right about this type of news before. A full month before the suspension became official last summer, Joe’s anonymous source correctly identified Melky Cabrera as the next big name to be slapped with the 50 game fine.

This time, that same source has named Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, and Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers as the next star players who will receive suspensions. Could this be true? Time will tell.

Joe will be chiming in with his take on this later.

Follow him on twitter, here.

UPDATE: Here’s a little bit more information/back-story from Joe today (03/05/13)

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