Chris Olivieri

A failed child model, saturn owner, mets fan, amateur pop-punk song writer, and overall poor dresser, Chris is the co-founder of Dog and Pony Show. You can also find his writing on Staten Island focused blog, ThisWayOnBay.

Kevin Smith once said he’s his posts are “sweet“.

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Carlo Montagnino

Carlo, a semi-retired girly man-child who videotapes his own BMs, was somehow quoted by the Wall Street Journal and bashed social networks, which are now the main component in Carlo’s financial security.


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Vin Forte

The youngest memeber of Dog and Pony Show, Vin is a writer who studied Journalism at the City University of New York. He has also released several EPs of Instrumental music [hyperlink to]. He rejects the idea that there is a “high” and “low” culture and believes that every piece of media should be judged on its merits within the context of what it is attempting to present.

There are no guilty pleasures, only people who don’t wish to make a case for what they enjoy. Vin once spent an evening hanging out and talking about Staten Island pizza with one of the Beastie Boys and has also gotten to take a picture with the robots from MST3K and he can’t decide which is a worse picture of himself more proud moment.

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Tavis Delahunt

DAPS’s resident genius, Tavis is also known as “The Lobster Man” a nickname earned from one obscure scene, in one obscure video promoting a website that didn’t yet exist.

Tavis mostly handles editing, and audio, and development stuff, you know, the shit you don’t care about. Basically, all the nerd stuff necessary for a website like this to exist. Also, he’s the voice of reason while everyone else is publicly urinating in cat suits.


Damian Thomas

When asked to provide a bio for this page Damian simply responded:

Died tragically while saving his family from a destroyed sinking Battleship.” also “And Alexander wept, because there were no more worlds to conquer.” -Hans Gruber, Die Hard

It is also rumored that Damian holds a Masters in Film Editing, though that has yet to be confirmed.

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Chris Knight

It has been said that if Disney World were a person, that person would be Chris.

An aspiring author in New York City, who loves collecting dead presidents but hates going to the beach. He is also a great juggler, certified in advanced scuba diving, and also a liar.