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Stanley Kubrick Didn’t Produce and Direct the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, No Matter What This Documentary Says

The new documentary Room 237 highlights a few oddball theories about the classic 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror film The Shining. While Room 237 glosses over the details of these theories to give a wider perspective on the type of person that formulates them, The Shining Code goes in deep. Specifically about the notion that The Shining was a hidden confession by Kubrick of producing and directing the Apollo 11 moon landing, making it a hoax.

I sat and watched The Shining Code yesterday and was thoroughly entertained.

I’m a big, huge fan of The Shining and it’s detailed and rich content, however, deep-reading of films like this are the exact reason I didn’t do all that well in any criticism class. Jumping to conclusions about the “meaning” of something is messy, especially when that meaning is something you’ve made up and now need to find evidence for. Want to see what I mean? Take the next hour and twenty minutes and watch The Shining Code. It’s hysterical.

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