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Star Trek: The Next Generation Figures Get Freaky [NSFWish?]

At our DAPS editorial meeting last week it was brought to everyone’s attention that Damian still owns Star Trek: The Next Generation action figures. I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of boy owns these toys?”

The answer, my friends is “a very special boy!”

So what do a bunch of jerks in their late 20s do when this kind of revelation is made? Pose said figurines in the most explicit sex positions possible, photograph them, and post them on the internets.


Above, we saw Cmdr. Riker and counselor Troi in some kind of Tantric sex position, and below they’re getting a little more intimate.

It seems that Riker’s mind is elsewhere, like any woman other than Troi. He probably did the photo shoot for the money and is only now thinking about who’ll end up seeing them on the internet.

I mean, it’s either that or the fact that he knows Troi’s been getting around.

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