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Summer BBQ Tips and Recipes to Impress Your Friends

You wish your friends were this good looking. It’s sad you’re so shallow.

The best part about the summer is that it’s BBQ season, which means that you have a legitimate excuse to stuff your face and drink outside. Just because you and your friends are shlubs doesn’t mean that you can’t raise the bar this year and enjoy some good food for once instead of shoveling down cheddarwurst like some kind of animal (not that there’s actually a problem with that).

We here at DAPS decided to put together an all-star caliber guide for your next barbecue. Just do what we tell you and your buddies might actually bring better beer to your next shindig.

Download these free mixtapes and you’ll avoid anyone putting that “Best of Pantera” box set.

Despite what you may imagine, ambiance is important at a BBQ. That doesn’t mean you should  run out and buy candles and throw pillows, it means that you need to set a mood and keep it moving. The easiest way to do this is with the right music. Lucky for you the past three years have been blessed with mixtapes from Hip-Hop legends DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie. Summertime, Summertime II, and Summertime III are perfect party tunes for you to set and forget. Make sure you create a playlist that repeats because you dont want to get into the habit of futzing with your iPod (or give anyone the idea that they can either).

The next step to setting the perfect tone for your BBQ is to keep it really easy for your guests and yourself. Have a table stocked with all the needed supplies; paper towels, cups, plates, condiments, and enough room to put your food on. Keep it near the grill, but not too close. You don’t want people interfering with your battle station, which needs to be stocked just as well as your table. Have a cooler for meats, a spatula, tongs, and a garbage pail.

The final thing you need to offer your guests is a place to sit and eat. Tables and chairs are a MUST. Tables with umbrellas are even better.

Before we get to the food, a quick note about drinks. Aside from coolers filled with a variety of beers, have a cooler of water bottles and soda to help your guests pace themselves. There’s no need to have a bunch of assholes puking all over your backyard.

Now for the main event, the food.

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