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Suped-Up Golf Carts Shaped Like Golf Balls, From V Energy

As a little kid, the closest I got to driving a car was hopping in my grandparents’ golf cart and cruising around their community in Florida. Now that I’m older and have keys to my own sweet whip, my days of 7-10mph glory are all but over.

One thing that would change that entirely though, is a chance to ride in one of V Energy’s Battle Carts. They’re basically golf carts, with roll cages, shaped like golf balls, and they’re much faster. I mean, I really want one so bad. I’d even drink a case of New Zealand’s favorite energy drink if that increases my chances. (If you’re reading, V, make it happen!)

Unfortunately, I’m not in New Zealand, or else this would be a possibility for me:

New Zealand: Starting on July 15th, Kiwis can launch their own campaign to bring the V Battle Carts to their hometown. For more information and videos about the construction of the V Battle Carts click, here

All of our NZ readers should launch a campaign, if for no other reason than to make me feel better that I could at least bring a little joy to YOUR life.

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