14 May 2013

Bo Burnham’s Newest Single. “Nerds,” Is New To Me

Thanks to our good friend and US Air Guitar champion, Matt “Airistotle” Burns, I heard Bo Burnham’s new single “Nerds” for the first time today. Bo, whose fake reality show, Zack Stone Is Gonna Be Famous, recently premiered on MTV, plans on releasing a new comedy CD called “what” later this year.

Plato Used To Do Drugs Meme
16 Apr 2013

Awesome Links: 50 Cent Has Justin Bieber’s Back, Your First Look at Jamie Foxx as Electro and Rachel Bilson Bikini Shots from Barbados

50 Cent actually makes a valid and sane point about Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank faux pas. Here’s 6 false things you heard about the Boston bombing. Stay informed America. 20 idiots who believe that Boston deserved the bombing. No comment. Here’s your first look at Jamie Foxx as Electro. Use StarRSS to