30 Dec 2015

‘Any Time With Vin Forte’ Episode 11: “She’s a Magical Creature” [Guest: Lil Bub & Mike Bridavski]

This episode I talked with her main dude Mike about Bub’s rise to prominence, her new album ‘Science & Magic,’ their charity work with Lil Bub’s Big Fund, getting Michelle Obama to be on Lil Bub’s Big Show, as well as questions that you submitted through social media!

04 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: What is a ‘Sadcom’, A Deadlifting Power Ranger, TMNT vs. GnR, & More

Today’s links are early, but if you’re looking at this any time other than Friday afternoon, it’s all the same. Why do you even read this part of the link??

03 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Game of Thones As Bob’s Burgers, Age of Ultron’s Gag Reel, A Taco Made of Chicken, & More

Click the link for the cats, stay for the pop-culture stuff that you care about more than you care about your family!

Cat Vortex by Carlo Montagnino
28 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: An Animated Cat Vortex, Stock Footage Baboons, The Portland Pooper, & More

Today’s links are brought to you by Carlo Montagnino’s Cat Vortex.

27 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: A Kitty Cat Feast, Captain America: Civil War Promo Photos, New Star Wars Footage, & More

You can’t spell Blink 182 without “link” and that means something!!!

31 Oct 2012

Cute and Cuddly Critters: Halloween Panda Kitty


11 Sep 2012

IJLTH: Cat And Dog Make Out When No One Is Looking

Everyday I scour the YouTube to find the best new videos for you. Today I found this cat and dog who must have thought they were alone.

17 Jul 2012

Famous Star Wars Scenes Redone With Cats.

Why are we doing this? Hasn’t Star Wars been analyzed/beaten to death? Yes but we here at DAPS haven’t seen the internets favorite mammals, cats, photoshopped into famous Star Wars scenes. Plus, it just makes us laugh and laugh.

07 Feb 2012

Carlo’s Cute and Cuddly Critters: Felis Nigripes are the Smallest Cats in the World

More commonly known as the Black Footed Cat, these disgustingly cute felines are indigenous to southern Africa.

15 Aug 2011

Look at 10 Cats with Mustaches

Ever have an idea so crazy that when it occurred you shouted it out loud? When you actually hear a “pop” in your head as if it light bulb broke and you had to spring into action? This is one of those ideas.