14 May 2013

Best Job Ever: Chinese Censor ‘Forced’ to Watch 700 Pornos a Month

Today we have a news report from Hunan Satellite TV that chronicles Communist China’s bureaucratic efforts to censor illegal pornography. Workers at the Hunan Office Against Pornography and Illegal Publications are tasked with watching around 700 pornographic DVDs a month.

Plato Used To Do Drugs Meme
16 Apr 2013

Awesome Links: 50 Cent Has Justin Bieber’s Back, Your First Look at Jamie Foxx as Electro and Rachel Bilson Bikini Shots from Barbados

50 Cent actually makes a valid and sane point about Justin Bieber’s Anne Frank faux pas. Here’s 6 false things you heard about the Boston bombing. Stay informed America. 20 idiots who believe that Boston deserved the bombing. No comment. Here’s your first look at Jamie Foxx as Electro. Use StarRSS to