Rogaine, Men's Health Grow Your Game
22 Jan 2014

Men’s Health and Rogaine Are Teaching 5 Gentlemen To “Grow Their Game”

When they say “game” they’re referring to the game of life and the game of attracting the ladies ::sexy wink::. So, growing game means enhancing all areas of their life. Obviously, because Rogaine is involved here, they’re highlighting men who have thinning hair.

04 Jan 2014

The R-Rated Trailer for Zac Effron’s That Awkward Moment Has Arrived!

Are you guys ready for some raunchy Effron? Well, we certainly are! This gem of an age-restricted trailer features a bevy of f-bomb laced clips from the flick, which is being released on January 31st.

Big Pharma Infographic
11 Dec 2013

What’s wrong with Big Pharma? Watch this video infographic and learn all about it. 

Addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is a huge issue right now, and it’s only getting worse. The video above suggests that all of the corruption and “dollar-sign eyes” in the pharmaceutical industry are, at least, partially to blame.

10 Dec 2013

Sales On Mobile Devices are Booming in 2013

We all know that it’s only a matter of time before people completely stop doing their shopping in brick and mortar stores in favor of making purchases from their beds while wearing nothing but underwear or a smile.

06 Dec 2013

I Bet You Didn’t Know About The Dangers of Driving In South Africa

Scary, right? Well the fine people at Gumtree have you covered with this excellent list of ways that you can avoid danger on the roads of South Africa, you know, in case you ever drive there. I’ve always wanted to go to Cape Town, because they have all of those Great Whites there, so I’m happy to have this knowledge in tow.

03 Dec 2013

New Faces Highlight Mob Wives’ Season 4 Premiere

For this fourth time around, you can expect fresh stories, fresh drama, and of course, fresh meat. What happens when this fresh meat comes face to face with the meat you’ve already come to know and love?? Will meat sparks fly??? You’re just gonna have to tune in to find out.

18 Oct 2013

If You Like Winter in New York, You’ll Love Winter in Antarctica

With the not-so-lovely New York winter season rapidly approaching, Air New Zealand and National Geographic are sponsoring a trip to Antarctica for one intrepid explorer to follow photographer and environmentalist Jason Edwards for two weeks. So, if you like the cold, bragging rights, telling an awesome story, have a smooth,

02 Oct 2013

Finally, A Way To Turn Screaming Into Ice Cream!

You know that old saying “we all scream for ice cream?” Well, based on all of my childhood experience, I can tell you that it wasn’t true. Whenever I yelled for ice cream, I’d usually get punished, not treated. The fine people at Memphis Meltdown are changing the whole game.

25 Sep 2013

GAP’s #BackToBlue campaign Shines A Light On The Children of George Harrison and Billy Joel.

It’s always interesting to watch the children of celebrities grow up. Does the apple fall far from the tree? Is the apple as sweet? Can the apple shred on the guitar just like dad could??

30 Jul 2013

Pivot, A TV Station Aiming To Make A Difference, Is Set To Launch Aug 1st

No, it’s not about that Friends episode where they have to move a couch up some stairs… Though, It IS really cool to see a network like Pivot being launched. the channel’s goal is to make a little bit of a difference, and that comes by not replaying the Teen Moms or RHONJ of the world. What will be broadcast? Shows like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD ON TV!, which is based on the collective artistry of the actor’s website of the same name. You know, inspiring people to make things instead of just watching.