09 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: Pizza Cake, A Batman House, The Secret Colbert Post-Credits Scene, Katy Perry, & More!

Links for a rainy day. It’s raining here, I don’t care what it’s doing wherever you are.

04 Sep 2015

DAPS Links: What is a ‘Sadcom’, A Deadlifting Power Ranger, TMNT vs. GnR, & More

Today’s links are early, but if you’re looking at this any time other than Friday afternoon, it’s all the same. Why do you even read this part of the link??

20 Aug 2015

DAPS Links: Finding Love on Tinder, A Lion Tree, Mind Blowing Space Facts, and More!

You could stop right now and check out these links, or you can go find a copy of Space Jam to download. I’d read the links, downloading Space Jam is illegal.