09 Sep 2015

The Most Impressive Drone Flying Skills You’ll See Today

What makes this video cool technically? Probably the proximity flying (cutting it close between things) and first person video (flying while using an on-drone camera to navigate).

04 Sep 2015

The Most Important Superman Drone Video You’ll See Today

This morning, I spied a little link featuring drone footage from a DGI Phantom 3 with a Superman action figure strapped to it, set to John Williams’ classic Superman score.

Ostrich Quadcopter
30 Jul 2013

Some Guy Turned an Ostrich Into a Terrifying Quadcopter

It’s 2013, so obviously taxidermy and helicoptery (I think I just made that word up) are one and the same. What better idea than to take the world’s largest flightless bird and let him fulfill his wildest dream… AND OUR GREATEST NIGHTMARE. ::cue horror-movie music::