To Scale: The Solar System
16 Sep 2015

Wylie Overstreet, Alex Gorosh, & Friends Built A To Scale Model Of The Solar System, and Filmed It Beautifully

Director Wylie Overstreet and cinematographer Alex Gorosh (along with a few other friends) wanted to give us an accurate depiction of this solar system that we live in. So, the guys took a trip to a dry lakebed in Nevada to create a to scale model of our Solar System.

07 May 2013

The Perils of Having Important Chats On Facebook

Whether it be text messaging, email, or Facebook chat; textual exchanges are slowly becoming the norm among millennials, wannabe millennials, and whatever you call the generation younger than millennials.

Sheriff Woody Allen
05 Jul 2011

Google + Vs. Facebook, More Robot Sex, A Nice Pac Man Dinner, and Some Big Bieber Fans

Don’t call it a comeback, we been giving links for years!

05 Mar 2009

How the new Facebook will change your life…

Facebook is evolving to better suit your needs and the needs of their advertising partners!! Heres whats new and a video featuring things they should have changed