13 May 2013

Instant Karma Teaches Young Aussie Punk to Not Smash Gallons of Milk in a Supermarket

I love a good old-fashioned humbling. Just when some dipshit thinks he’s riding high on the hog, the universe quickly comes around to remind them that their condition is exclusively dependent on their actions.

18 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Man Cannonballs Onto Solid Ice

This video has been making the rounds the past 2 days and we decided to give it the old Viral Commentary treatment.

02 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Rope Swing Ends in Disaster

What happens when you cross a rope swing, a lake of sorts, and an idiot? You probably have a few bruised ribs and a concussion, but you also have one hell of a funny video!

25 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Boy Destroys His Back Falling on a Pogo Stick

Pogo Sticks are very dangerous, when in the hands of idiots. Take a look as this young man almost paralyzes himself trying to jump on a retaining wall with his pogo stick.

11 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Escalator Trick Fails Hard

This week we take a look at a gentleman who tries to impress his buddies while playing around on an escalator. As expected, he hurts himself.

31 Aug 2012

Updated: Viral Video Commentary: Parkour Attempt Turns into an Epic Nutshot

This installment of our DAPS Viral Video Commentary has me dissecting a video of Boris attempting to show off his sweet Parkour moves. As expected, he fails miserably.

22 Aug 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Guy Faceplants Trying To Jump His Bike Over a BBQ

This video is a perfect example of why it’s a bad idea to drink around children. It’s not that they’ll learn the behavior, it’s that you’ll be too drunk to realize that you arten’t one of them.

26 Aug 2010

Watch this Guy Shoulder Check a Girl Under the Guise of a Chest Bump and Completely Wreck her

watch a guy completely level a chick in a failed chestbump attempt.