08 Apr 2013

An interview with funny lady, Randi Lawson

The very funny Randi Lawson discusses comedy, sponge baths, and Q-Tips

02 Oct 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Rope Swing Ends in Disaster

What happens when you cross a rope swing, a lake of sorts, and an idiot? You probably have a few bruised ribs and a concussion, but you also have one hell of a funny video!

18 Sep 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Man Gets Kicked By a Horse

This week’s Viral Video Commentary features a man who gets a little slap happy with a horses ass and ends up looking like one himself when he gets destroyed after the horse kicks him.

22 Aug 2012

Viral Video Commentary: Guy Faceplants Trying To Jump His Bike Over a BBQ

This video is a perfect example of why it’s a bad idea to drink around children. It’s not that they’ll learn the behavior, it’s that you’ll be too drunk to realize that you arten’t one of them.