16 Jul 2013

Professional Golfers Try Driving Like Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore’s signature driving technique might have won him some golf tournaments in the movies, but in real life, it’s pretty much the dumbest shit you can do on a golf course. Trust me, I’ve tried it. But what if you are a professional golfer, and you and your other pro-golfer bros are just chillaxin around a tee at the European Tour’s 2013 Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open? Might as well try it out!

11 Jul 2013

Suped-Up Golf Carts Shaped Like Golf Balls, From V Energy

They’re basically golf carts, with roll cages, shaped like golf balls, and they’re much faster. I mean, I really want one so bad. I’d even drink a case of New Zealand’s favorite energy drink if that increases my chances. (If you’re reading, V, make it happen!)