28 Oct 2015

Are You Prepared for the Halloween Asteroid? Well, Read This and GET Prepared!

This Halloween, it won’t just be local teenagers with shaving cream and toilet paper you’ll have to worry about. You might just have to prepare yourselves for an asteroid knocking on your door along with costumed kids.

31 Aug 2015

Wish Halloween Could Be a Full Two Months Long? The ‘Dinosaur Dracula’ Halloween Countdown Has You Covered

For the past 13 years (!!!), Matt over at Dinosaur Dracula (and formerly X-Entertainment) has been celebrating the Halloween season with an annual two month bonanza of posts, videos, and special treats all revolving around the spooky nostalgic pop culture of years gone by.

19 Nov 2012

Amazing Roller Coaster Halloween Costume From Colombia

This costume is cooler than just about anything you’ve ever considered wearing for Halloween.

31 Oct 2012

Cute and Cuddly Critters: Halloween Panda Kitty


29 Oct 2012

Mike Myers Stars as Michael Myers In This Halloween Mash-Up

Did you guys ever notice that Mike Myers has the same name as iconic serial murderer Michael Myers?

18 Oct 2011

Check Out These Ninja Turtle Halloween Watermelons

Because pumpkins are SO 2010. These Ninja Turtle watermelons are pretty cool with their simple cutout that you don’t need a whole lot of skill to get right and separate, colored-light inside each one. Now we just need some kind of Ninja Turtles pizza concoction.