05 Oct 2016

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 31: “Chasing the Vibe Dragon” [Guest: UDACHI]

UDACHI is a successful Electronic musician and DJ, more immediately known to fans of this show as the artist behind the bed music you hear every episode.

16 Dec 2015

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode Ten: “Wahoo Skiffle Crazies & Friends Holiday Special”

This episode I’m doing something different and handing the show over to popular jug band Wahoo Skiffle Crazies, along with their friends singer Nick Williams and songwriter Matt Wilson, for a special Holiday music set.

22 Jul 2013

Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne Finally Unite In Their New Music Video

40 million records later, Fred Durst still claims to be the fuckin’ man. I don’t think I’d go that far, but this is not as horrible as I thought it’d be. It does contain exactly the amount of misogyny that I was expecting, though.

14 May 2013

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” Gets Mashed-Up With Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

Word on the street is that Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” was leaked on the internets yesterday. You know what that means!?

11 Apr 2013

Meet Rock Bob, Learn From His Sad Billy Joel Mop-Dance

Rock Bob doesn’t exactly rock, but he does dance to Billy Joel… sort of

10 Apr 2013

These Video Game Themes Done Acapella Make Me Hate Acapella Less

I came across Smooth McGroove’s Youtube Channel and my entire opinion of the genre has changed. Okay, not really, but his acapella cover of the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 hooked me.

04 Oct 2012

Correct Interpretations of Oft-Misinterpreted Song Lyrics

Here at DAPS we pride ourselves in our genius when it comes to song lyric interpretation. Recently, it occurred to us that we should be sharing this talent with the world. So, today we’re going to explain some what some of the more commonly misinterpreted pieces are actually about.

26 Jul 2012

Mario Paint Remixes: The Real Slim Shady and Getting Jiggy Wit It

Taking a Capella tracks from real songs, and putting them over Mario Paint versions of those songs.

18 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ Tips and Recipes to Impress Your Friends

We here at DAPS decided to put together an all-star caliber guide for your next barbecue. Just do what we tell you and your buddies might actually bring better beer to your next shindig.

24 May 2012

Presenting: Skrillex In Reverse.

After some toying around with the audio, we decided that it would be fun to see what reverse dubstep is actually like. We took Skrillex’s “First of the Year” and flipped that shit.