Good Charlotte 2015
06 Nov 2015

Good Charlotte Return With A Text Message Based Lyric Video For “Makeshift Love”

A big surprise after five years, it seems like GC is making a comeback! Your favorite classic, pop punk band, Good Charlotte, has returned with a new single called “Makeshift Love,” a breakup song and we love the nostalgia!

10 May 2013

Patent Pending Covers The Big Bang Theory’s Theme Song

I’m a little late to the party here, but have you guys heard Patent Pending’s cover of The Big Bang Theory’s theme song?

06 May 2013

New Lyric-Video for You, Me, and Everyone We Know’s “I’d Contribute More Dead”

One of my favorite bands, You Me and Everyone We Know, will be releasing a new EP called “I Wish More People Gave a Shit,” tomorrow. Today, their friend, Brad Hartland, made one of those nifty lyric-videos for the track “I’d Contribute More Dead” from said EP.