05 Aug 2013

Elevator Weatherman Is The Funniest Elevator Prank You’ll Watch Today

Most of the time when you get on the elevator, you just stand there minding your own business. Every once in a while, however, you walk into an elevator with a stranger who feels the need to fill the silence with small talk. This guy, just wants to small talk about the weather …AND HE’S REALLY GOOD AT IT.

13 May 2013

Instant Karma Teaches Young Aussie Punk to Not Smash Gallons of Milk in a Supermarket

I love a good old-fashioned humbling. Just when some dipshit thinks he’s riding high on the hog, the universe quickly comes around to remind them that their condition is exclusively dependent on their actions.

09 Apr 2013

Weird Compliments Are The Best Compliments

Being able to accept a compliment without getting all weird and awkward is quite the rare skill. How would you react to a weird compliment.

03 Aug 2012

Introducing DAPS Brau – The First Ever Fake Beer By Dog and Pony Show

We wanted to make an awful beer and see how unsuspecting tasters would react to it.