29 Nov 2011

Did You Know that Former President Richard Nixon was a Serious Rap Genius??

No one really knows that the 37th President was the first true Hip Hop MC.

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05 Jul 2011

AM-DJ: Bubbling In The Mother Country’s Crotch

OK, now that “We Love America” Day is over, Gil-Scott Heron has some important shit to say…

12 Nov 2010

AM-DJ: Back, Middle, To The Front; Don’t Front

“You can get with this or you can get with THAT.” This or that? This or that? Decisions, decisions.

09 Aug 2010

A Literal Translation of ‘Regulate’ by Warren G

Where do you go when you need halp decoding your favorite mid 90’s rap tunes?? Wikipedia has got you covered, son! See what I did there? I wrote that all urban and coool.