10 Feb 2016

‘Any Time with Vin Forte’ Episode 14: “I Was Not Any Kind of Daredevil” [Guest: Will Ellis]

Will Ellis documents curious NYC landmarks in disrepair and decay throughout the five boroughs with clarity and a unique level of unprecedented detail.

03 Jan 2016

Geoff Celis’ ‘Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others’ Is Now Available To Stream For FREE

Not only does ‘Some Guys’ feature OG DAPS staffer, Michaelangelo “Flam” Muniz, but also frequent collaborators/well-wishers Casey Jost, Kevin Devlin, and Tim Duffy. Not only is it made on Staten Island, but the film’s Indiegogo campaign also promoted the borough we call home. Today, we’re proud and excited excited to tell you that ‘Some Guys’ is now available online for streaming online.

16 Nov 2015

Staten Island’s Young Lucid Releases Official Music Video For “She Love It”

Today, we’re introducing you to Staten Island rapper Young Lucid, a 19 year old prodigy following in Shaolin’s rich hip-hop tradition like the famed Wu Tang Clan. Last week, Lucid released his the first single from his LP “Lucid Dreams” a catchy, dreamy, track called “She Love It” which features R&B singer Elaine Kristal.

21 Aug 2015

Method Man’s “The Meth Lab” Shows Off His Staten Island Pride

Staten Island isn’t known for very many things. We’ve always had Fresh Kills, a now closed landfill that could supposedly be seen from outer space. More recently, we’ve had a run of nationally notable reality shows like Mob Wives and Jersey Shore highlighting our guido-american population. More than anything though, when someone mentions Staten Island, people think of the Wu Tang Clan. Being an integral part of the group’s success, Method Man has become something of a local legend, who walks around the borough like he’s not internationally famous.

20 Dec 2013

Here’s that Dog and Pony Show Pilot From Two Years Ago, That You’ve Probably Never Seen 

In May of 2012, the DAPS kids began discussing the idea of making a television version of our website, which was peaking at the time. The idea slowly began to come together over the hot summer months. We teamed up with our friend Don Arangio as a producer on the project and recruited some of our very talented friends as well.

03 Dec 2013

New Faces Highlight Mob Wives’ Season 4 Premiere

For this fourth time around, you can expect fresh stories, fresh drama, and of course, fresh meat. What happens when this fresh meat comes face to face with the meat you’ve already come to know and love?? Will meat sparks fly??? You’re just gonna have to tune in to find out.

Jay Miller Public Music Video
19 Aug 2013

An interview with Midevenings host, Jay Miller

Staten Island native, Jay Miller, is the host of Midevenings with Jay Miller. A unique type of talk show filled with many unexpected appearances and events. Whether it’s Bobby Bunz feeding his pet head, or Pooh Bear (Tim Duffy) wrestling Chris Gethard. This show will surely keep you entertained.

20 May 2013

Geoff Celis Is NOT Zach Braff, Is Promoting ‘Some Guys’

10 days ago, we shared an indiegogo campaign for “Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others,” a comedy about a magical Morrissey t-shirt and Lucha Libre wrestlers. Geoff Celis, the film’s director is having a very specific problem during fundraising for the project… He’s not Zach Braff.

10 May 2013

Process of Fusion’s Music Video For “Connections” Nods To Horror Movie Classics

Staten Island progressive rap-rock outfit, Process of Fusion, released a music video for their latest single, “Connections,” today. The clip, which nods to a horror classics Scream, The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street, was shot on location in Gettysburg, PA and at Warrior’s Warehouse on SI.

25 Mar 2013

Sneak Peek: The Dog and Pony Show Show’s Duck Face Exposé

We’re not ready to put the whole thing online right now, but we did upload one segment from the DAPS show starring Katie Koster and Casey Jost along with a number of familiar DAPS faces and well-wishers.