19 Jun 2013

An Interview with comedian, Eli Braden

Comedian, writer, musician, Eli Braden is a man of numerous talents. The entertainer posts funny music videos onto his YouTube page. On Twitter he showcases his humor to his 100k followers.

08 Apr 2013

An interview with funny lady, Randi Lawson

The very funny Randi Lawson discusses comedy, sponge baths, and Q-Tips

04 Sep 2012

Q&A With the Author of Social Media is Bullsh*t, Brandon Mendelson

Brandon Mendelson answered a few questions about the “social media” landscape and offers some great insight into the lies people sell to boost their own speaking fees and perpetuate the myth that people can get rich and famous online.

01 Aug 2012

10 Severely Under-Followed Funny People On Twitter

Some of the funniest people alive are giving a free show, right now. All you need in order to claim your free laughs is a twitter account and at least one finger to click “follow.”