The 5 Best and Worst Dressed Celebs from the 2015 VMAs

Let’s face it, we all spent a good portion of last night watching the VMAs and then tweeting about some of the ridiculous looks that were modeled by Hollywood’s finest. While most of the looks are ones we would never wear in our regular lives, I mean honestly a gown has no place in the office and if it is in yours then I am in the wrong office; some of these looks really took the cake of bizarre. One celeb that didn’t fail to impress was the host of the VMAs, Miley Cyrus, who is known for her overly sexual clothing (or lack there of) choices. Let’s start out our list with some of the most shocking looks and dive right into worse dressed.

Worst Dressed

1) Miley Cyrus

Now, while I respect Miley as an artist and believe that she has every right to dress however she wants, and that a woman should never be told what to wear – I think she takes her looks a bit too far. The issue I take with her looks is that they are purely for shock value and that they add no sort of artistic value. Now, when Lady Gaga first emerged as an artist her looks were shocking, but in a good way. She wore haute couture looks and inspired everyone with each garment she wore. Miley on the other hand… well, her looks fall flat and are nothing short of an annoyance. From the sunglasses to the fake dreds of endless colors, to the pasties, these looks have gotta stop.


2) Kylie Jenner

The celeb famous for initially nothing, but now well known for modeling and starting the #KylieChallenege that provided us with tons of videos of girls trying to achieve the same luscious – and cosmetically enhanced – lips. This particular look from Jenner fell flat. First of all it is too short and it looks like something her grandmother crocheted together. There is also a disconnect between her hair and makeup and her outfit. She looks like Lord Farquaad from Shrek in all honesty.


3) Niki Minaj

The singer appears in what may be her most unflattering look yet. We love her cooky style, but this one honestly missed the mark. It is sheer in all of the wrong places, particularly her lady parts. And the outfit makes her appear bigger then she truly is.



4) Aubrey O’Day

This singer emerged on the carpet with a hairstyle that appears tortured and like it should be on a milk maiden. As for her dress, it looks like something Strawberry Shortcake would wear if she was goth. However you look at this, this look is a massive miss.


5) Z Lala

Known for her insane red carpet looks, Z Lala did not disappoint her fans. However, this garment does nothing for her bod and the hair reminds me of a garden gnome, and for that reason she has landed on our worst dressed list.


Best Dressed

Just when we had lost all hope in the VMAs having any sort of class to it, these starlets stole the show with their looks. Those on our worst dressed list could afford to take a page form these celebs below.

1) Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Niki Minaj should take a page from Chrissy Teigen’s book, this is how you do a sheer dress the right way. The gown compliments all of her “curves and all of her edges”, no wonder why John Legend wrote “All of Me” it must have been inspired by this gown.


2) Greer Grammer

This starlet went under the radar on most best dressed lists since she isn’t as well known.¬†This gown has a plunging v neckline which is currently on trend as of Spring 2016 and is expected to stay on trend as we enter into the Fall 2016 fashion season. The draping on this gown is stunning and compliments this young star’s body type perfectly.


3) FKA Twigs

Robert Pattinson’s wife lit up the carpet with this sexy look. The bodice corset and sheer bottom are on trend and are revealing, but not overly showing. And did I mention that the bodice is tailored beautifully? The pop of color on her lips makes this outfit pop and provides this look with some glamour. Bravo Twigs!


4) Hailee Steinfeld

This starlet is ready for fall. Her white pant suite is perfectly tailored to her body and has a few stunning elements. From my previous article on Fall Fashion Trends, you know that the poncho is going to be huge this season, as if the detached turtle neck. I never thought that combining these looks could look so elegant and stunning, but Hailee Steinfeld has proven to me that they can be.



5) Justin Beiber

Works never uttered before, Beiber has recently become a fashion plate. With his new blonde locks and mature musical sound has come a more refined look. The toape suede boots are on trend for the fall, as is his 80s inspired leather jacket. Keep up the nice work Beiber, you have made us Belibers in your fashion sense.


We had so much fun putting this article together for you, and hope that if you haven’t caught the VMAs yet, that you will tune in to catch a rerun to catch some of the stunning moments from last night!

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