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The Gaming Historian’s Excellent 22 Minute Documentary About Super Mario 2 Should Have Been On TV

Hardcore fans of the Super Mario Bros. series know that the American sequel to Super Mario Bros. was a lot different from it’s predecessor. They might even know the general story. The short version is that Nintendo released a sequel to SMB that was incredibly similar although, very very difficult. Because we Americans are such whiny babies, they then released a sequel to SMB that was less taxing on our puny American brains, one which was actually based on an existing game called Doki Doki Panic.

The video above, is an excellent 22 minute documentary explaining the entire story behind the swap. It’s incredibly comprehensive and could have easily been aired on the history channel or something (wow that just made me feel old).

So, who made this great video? It comes from a YouTube channel called “The Gaming Historian,” a documentary channel by¬†Norman Caruso. In the past Caruso has released histories of Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, and pretty much every console that’s ever existed.

I’ve only watched this one, but I’ve now subscribed and can’t wait to check out more. You’re welcome, guys. You’re welcome.

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