The Mets Got Rickrolled…

Earlier today (April 8th, 2008) Me, Fellow DAPS staffer Dave, and our friend Chris were very excited to be heading to the final home opener of the New York Mets at Shea Stadium. As the box score would tell you, the game sucked for any Mets fan in attendence. Not only did they lose the last opening day at Shea Stadium, but the lost it to Jimmy Rollins & The Philadelphia Philles. Aside from Shea Stadium’s awesome Sausage and Peppers, Heavy Drinking, and Nonsensical Screaming (Dave let it be known to the people around us that Brady Clark was a gypsy, citing his “beady eyes” as proof) the most amusing moment of the afternoon was when the winner of the online “8th inning Sing Along” contest was announced.

Over the last week there has been a viral internet campaign to “Rickroll” the mets. For those of you who are not as internet saavy or didn’t use YouTube on April Fool’s Day, a “rickroll” is when you force an unexpecting viewer to watch Rick Astley’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” against their will…basically net-raping them. Spearheaded by and, 8 million people voted online for Astley (see video above) as a write in candidate.

Congrats to all of you out there on the internets, as i was quite impressed. Actually, I laughed my ass off and started texting people. After it was announced as the winner of the contest, The Mets pointed out that an viral internet campaign was the reason for the victory over the stadium’s PA system.

That being said, it started. There he was, Rick Astley in all of his glory, belting his little heart out from 1987. The lyrics to the song scrolled on the scoreboard, and “Never Gonna Give You Up” blasted through the stadium’s speakers loud enough to wake up sleeping infants in Flushing. The crowd reacted immediately, booing louder for the song coming on than they had when Scott Schoeneweis has just blown the mets only lead of the game. Behold the power of the internet people, it wont ever let you down. (sorry that wasn’t funny…)

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