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The Most Important Superman Drone Video You’ll See Today

One of the ways that the internet has changed during our 2 year hiatus is the influx of drone videos that have basically taken over the internet. Until today, nothing DAPSish enough has come across my desk to share. But this morning, I spied a little link featuring drone footage from a DGI Phantom 3 with a Superman action figure strapped to it, set to John Williams’ classic Superman score.

Who was the genius behind this genius? His name is Barry Craig, and he’s actually a pretty great photographer/designer. The video is one of only three available on his YouTube channel. Barry, if I might, for your next video maybe strap a Batman figurine to a different drone, maybe wearing a jet-pack or something (because Batman doesn’t fly) and have the two fight to the death. Yeah, you might lose a couple of expensive drones, but it’d be for the good of the internets.

To see if Barry listens to my Drone Batman v. Drone Superman suggestion, you can follow him on Twitter, here.

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