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The Most Impressive Drone Flying Skills You’ll See Today

What makes this video cool technically? Probably the proximity flying (cutting it close between things) and first person video (flying while using an on-drone camera to navigate). I didn’t know the lingo either, until LibberMoist told me, but now that I do, I pass them on to you.  Now, you can use those terms when you send this to your friends, and pretend like you know something about drone flying.

Actually you just learned it, so I guess we all just know it now. Nevermind. Whatever. Shut up.

YouTuber StingersSwarm has a bunch more cool drone videos on his channel (and on his Instagram) if you’re into that kind of thing. I bet you are. I bet you love drones. Why don’t you marry them?

I’m sorry. Here’s a photo of the drone:

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