These Video Game Themes Done Acapella Make Me Hate Acapella Less

Let me just say this, I hate a capella. It’s usually lame, and awkward to watch live. When people started making them solo, on YouTube, I almost decided right then and there to off myself. Instead I just avoided them at all cost. Until last night.

I came across Smooth McGroove’s Youtube Channel and my entire opinion of the genre has changed. Okay, not really, but his a capella cover of the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 hooked me.


Turns out Mr. McGroove has an album available on his Bandcamp page which I spent the greater part of my evening listening to. Sure it’s a little heavy on the Legend of Zelda, but considering it had a few greats from Final Fantasy VII, I forgave it. (The Megaman X track was a nice surprise as well.)

I can’t wait for A Capella Video Game Themes Volume 2!

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