This Infographic Shows You How To Prepare For The Upcoming Super Bowl

Now, we don’t know exactly which NFL teams are going to be playing in the big game yet, but we do know one thing for sure. Super Bowl parties are a big deal here in the ol’ U.S. of A. We’re no strangers to this ourselves. A couple of years ago, we had this huge Super Bowl party which we also live-streamed. That wasn’t exactly the biggest of successes, so we’re doing our homework this year.

How? This nifty infographic highlighting Super Bowl party trends from the fine people at Mint.

So, basically, spending money on the Super Bowl is pretty much par for the course. This would explain why so many people bet on super bowl & more. Then, at least, they have a chance of coming out ahead.

But really, the Super Bowl is about spending time with loved ones, drinking the good drink, eating the good food, and yelling at one another over something that hardly matters at all. It’s like Christmas, but with less old people, so it’s better.

I’ve been out of the NFL loop this season, so why don’t you tell us who the sure bet to win it all this year is in the comments. Maybe you can use the opportunity to practice you drunken halftime speech about how The Redshirts have had the superior Defense line all season but didn’t get the recognition that the Blueshirts got.

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